Thursday, 14 August 2014

“Innovate and Educate the Girl Child' by Shannon G Mumu

Like a hungry lion her mouth is open to swallow knowledge,
..lend an ear and hear her pledge!
know her fears nd understand tears essence of hope dwells in her voice.
.understand where she comes from.
.why her mouth is  dry,
.she cries out to you, to innovate and educate her.
.she is desperate..
let not her hope fade..
remind her of what best life could offer.
.do not make her bitter..give her a rope keep fighting,struggling to become her best.
.play your not tear her apart

decide her fate,donot be late..
the future knocks on her door..
like an unexpected visitor.
.success is crawling on the floor.
and will come to her like an intruder,
impregnant her with inspiration..
let not her life wither..
innovate and educate the girl child

Teach her the equation..
give her a question.
.teach her the motion.
.give her the spirit of determination.
. innovation+education=a future..
lighten her path..

Author Profile-Shannon G Mumu
-Schools Literary Ambassador of GirlchildCreativity Project
- Form 3 Student  at Vainona High School in Harare
-Member of Parliament at Junior Parliament,the Republic of Zimbabwe

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Good News Electronic Academic Solutions-Press Release

Press release
The Goodnews Electronic Academic Solutions is a project founded by a young team of Zimbabwean graduates from the esteemed academic institution the University of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a country endowed with creativity, innovation and academic excellence thus Mr. Tinashe Chikoko and Mr. Samson Mujakwi  who are products of this excellence have initiated and invented an electronic academic solution in all high school academic subjects using recorded DVDs /video lectures, to promote smart, fast and effective learning solutions to enhance the keenness and the willingness to learn in high school students and to complement the ZimAsset value addition cluster through educational solutions and strategies such as electronic and visual learning.

Statistics prove that most students are failing through print and manual classroom lectureship hence visuals can complement such and results might improve and remove the country from mediocrity, redundancy and deficiency of innovation.
The concept of repetitive visual presentations away from classroom conduct might lead to enhanced subject comprehension. We have done a lot of homework before implementing the idea and our market research and experimental sales interventions locally and regionally have brought satisfaction that we can bring this noble and innovative project to the public domain for consumption. This entails you and me or Zimbabwe as a whole that our pass rate will excel through such new academic methods.
This product contains two languages i.e. English and Shona since we believe in the power and style of language use in presenting a visual lecture add value to student capturing and understanding. As founders and technicians of this project we will work with the government through all ministries headed by the ministry of primary and secondary education. We will work with schools, colleges, examiners, media, curriculum developers and other stakeholders to bring this project to fruition.
We believe through the support from the Zimbabwean media this project will yield tangible results that will enhance the national pass rates for high school students. We intend to establish selling points across the country so that the product can be accessible to even the remotest parts of the country.
We believe when we work together we can make this country to become better in terms of academic excellence. For more information, mujakwisam@gmail ,
Call +263 734 63 63 14,+263 734 537 965

T.O.Chikoko and Samson Mujakwi[ Founders]

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Poetry Pubs, Hubs and the State

Like Zimbabwe, most states in Africa are endowed with creative acumen and literary prowess. Zimbabwe, the country north of the Limpopo and south of the Zambezi, exudes both talent and natural endowment, while the country is faced with unending political paradoxes, social and economic ironies.
Arriving at the Road and Air Ports in the pockets of Harare, your face is smashed with horrific print headlines yawning of corrupt technocrats and political stalwarts under suspension and investigation. Your ears are choked with radios belting out chimurenga hit songs and the sanctions rhetoric.
The Television news bulletins belch out fat ministers signing cultural, educational and financial treaties in the Far East, accompanied by excess baggage – their delegations gobbling up what’s left of the corruption-roasted national purse.

Where are the pen pundits, where are the scribes, poets, writers and their swords? The myth of censorship puts writers and poets in despair, the fear of becoming victims of the state and its apparatus. Fear of the known and the unknown. In this country floating in political oil pans, poets and writers are not recognised, though their pens and voices can bring positive social and political change. Their platform is replaced by bootlickers and revolutionary hit singers. Bootlickers who do not criticise the ills of the state but celebrate everything, mostly propaganda gossip and cheap slogans.

For the past 13 years, writers’ organisations have been defunct. The Literary hubs crumbled down. Only the Book Café, that also happens to be the Poetry Hub where poets exhibit their talents, still remains. This Poetry Pub, the Book Café, hosts literary evenings and the popular House of Hunger Poetry Slam where young word revolutionaries, spoken-word poets, hip-hop cats, jargonists and performance poets battle it out, displaying their verbal dexterity, spitting out their patriotism to the state that rejected them. Some sing their revolutionary praise to the absent functionaries, some are aggressive verbal anarchists advocating for a change in the political class, the dead economy and rotting social and moral fabric – the Book Café has become the Forest of Arden in Shakespeare’s As you like it – a land of beauty, expression, naturalness and freedom, though with its own complexities.

The voices of poets in Zimbabwe, their voices of reason, are not heard because literary initiatives are not nationalised and not even greased with funding for continuity. They are just dangling in small pockets of cities and streets, they don’t reach those who matter the most, because those who matter most don’t give a damn about any literary existence, nor so its growth or promotion. Few of the state functionaries read books and poetry, to some extent newspapers. In Zimbabwe we don’t have publishing houses and the state has long stopped supporting the creative and book industry.

Writers and Poets who still follow the dream are real literary revolutionaries who do not care about sleeping on groaning stomachs – hunger, wretchedness and desperation. These are strong individuals who require a lot of respect and grand support because they have maintained the creative terrain and literary landscape in a state burning with political expediency, shrinking in corruption and roasting in mass poverty, rotting of propaganda and looting.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Speaking Out Women/Girls Resilience through poetry- Journal

December is a very busy month for poets and creative arts organizers. This the time when poets and artists  showcase their solidarity with women ,girl empowerment organizations and other community development project  to realizing the resilience displayed  by these organizations in fighting  against gender based violence/16 days of gender activism, resilience against HIV/AIDS pandemic/World Aids Day, Conservation of environment/National Tree Planting Day.

Women have played a very scintillating role in defending the lives of their communities through various activities. A group of poets  both male and female Poetic License 365  are complimenting the excellent and  resilient work women are doing with a  well packed , iconic poetry evening, a volcanic mixture of known and unknown voices. The event will take place at the book cafe  on the 6th of December 2013 from 5.00-730 pm. The  Program  Poetic License was founded  by Young rising poet  Tendai  Maduwa aka African Kid  , the Curating Consultant of the program  especially the 6th   of December event is international poet/creative/literary projects Expert Mbizo Chirasha.

The Speaking Out Women/Girls Resilience through poetry event will be hosted  by Zanele Manhenga aka Uzah Uzah- one prolific and rising Afro Jazz fusionist and Lexta Mafumhe Mutasa aka Dapi- Prominent actor , poet , script writer and dancer  and a mesmerizing events presenter. The Poets  of the day include Umind/ Peggy Shangwa, Karen Mkwasi , Tinashe Tafirenyika , Sharon Andrew , So profound ,Ticha Muzavazi , Shoes Lambada ,Derreck Mpofu ,Orator,Dapi , Black Poet , Afrikan  Kid,Muzvare Betty Makoni,Sista Zai,Mutumwa Pavi, Dzonze the Poet.

Who is Who Speaking Out Women/Girls Resilience through Poetry.

Tinashe Tafirenyika- rising up young female poets with a sweaty, crispy  ,resonating voice.Regular winner of the Poetry Slam, Zimbabwe. Perfomed at 100 Thousand Poets for Change -Zimbabwe Chapter 2013. Tinashe Participated  at the 2013 Protest Arts International Festival  University Zimbabwe.

Dege- Iconic , mesmerizing , award winning , intellegent , funny filled and dramatic  poet , filled  with  great maturity and  artistic exuberence.

Peggie aka Umind - Strong Voice in Poetry circles , contributed much of her poetry at thebook cafe , Women and Gender Official programs  .One of the official poets at Macfest  Zimbabwe 2012.She is part of the Poetic License 365  December theme- she will bring  new  feeling   and  unique touch  to the festival .

Sista Zai- She is an international   having graced Australian stages with her mesmerizing volcanic voice , a poetry touch and  she makes  vivid experimentation  with poetic  forms. The poet exudes with talent and great motivation as well as confidence.

Muzvare Betty Makoni- An iconic women/global activist, teacher, counseller, poet and a writer , award winning human  and girl child activist. She is bringing   a new leaf and breath to the festival.Will be represented by a young girl on the day.

Uzahh UzahhUzah-Uzah- Afro Jazz Fusionist, Poet , Presenter, Writer. Uzah   is a well travelled young female musician  and artist. She have worked with Dudu Manhenga , Victor Kunonga and other established names. She is bringing her presenting and artistic skills to the festival.
Mbizo ChirashaBlack Poet /Mbizo Chirasha- Curating Consultant/Producer of the Speaking Out Women /Girls Resilience through Poetry-Poetic License 365 Event , He is  the Administrator of the Poetic License 365 Facebook group. He is the Founder/Creative Director  of GirlchildCreativity Project,Country Coordinator of 100 Thousand Poets for Change-GirlchildVoicesFiesta. He is a member of World Pulse. International Poet ,Writer, Creative /Literary Projects Expert.

Ticha MuzavaziTicha Muzavazi- Celebrated Shona Poet , Coordinator of Special Schools arts festival , Mbira teacher  and producer. Well travelled  in Southern Africa . His last international show was in  Botswana at a Poetry Festival. Ticha Muzavazi  is  a soft spoken poet with  deep metaphors and  double shona irony.He is bringing maturity   and depth to the festival.

Tinashe MuchuriMutumwa Pavi- Well known Shona Perfomance Poet . The popular poet have graced and intertained at a number of festivals, gatherings, book fairs and  was one of the founding poets of the House of Hunger poetry Slam. He is well published   and well travelled. The poet is bringing sharp simplicity and pricking laughter to the Festival.

Sharon Sherlize AndrewSharon Andrew- Young epitomic, confident and futureful  poet. She believes in commercializing poetry and taking to a higher level . She is also  a professional Model , Event organizer and good speaker. The Poet is bringing ambiance and glow to the festival.

So-Profound- Iconic , volcanic and fast rising  young poet with  a fusionist  voice  that resembles  celebrated poet  of the United States of America ADDISA.The poet is full of intellect ,wit and optimistic. The young poet graced a lot of vital and official events.He got a lot of awards from the Poetry Slam Zimbabwe. He does his poetry with exuding passion.

Karen MukwasiKaren Mkwasi- A film maker, Film events Manager, Writer ,Poet   and WFOZ  chairperson. The poet graced a lot of events with her work. She is  a major  contributor to the processes of International Images Film Festival. She is bringing resonance to the Festival.

Marshall SangoOrator- Young generation poet with unquestionable talent and passion. The young man touches  on a lot of themes from  environment, love , politics ,cultural and  social issues. He have performed at 2013 Shoko Festival  and    very much contributing to the growth of poetry in Zimbabwe. The Poet is bringing bloom and a youthful touch to the festival.

Vokal Da Poet- Husky voiced, wit , intelligent , unpredictable poet . Well socializing, flexible and easy going. His Poetic art is full of thunder, hope , depth and  literary wizadry.The poet is full of  strong jargon. He is verbose, he experiments truly with poetry . He is in love with English Language, metaphors, irony and satire. The poet brings literary prowess to the Festival.

Robson Isaac ShoesLambadaRobson Shoes - Lambada- persistent poet , hardworking , Coordinator  of Zimbabwe poets for human rights , country representative of global experience , well travelled , highly recognised and popular in poetry circles. Will bring poetic beauty and ambiance  as well as  maturity to the festival.

Xapa- International acclaimed   female  poet , have grace a number of both international ,regional  and local  festivals. She  is  endowed with great love and deisre to see the  rising of women and girls in  all spheres of life. An excellent  and educative  perfomer . Icall her our Zimbabwean Maya Angelou. She  brings motherly passion to the festival.

Tendai MaduwaAfrikan Kid- Founder of the Poetic License  , represented Zimbabwe in Kenya   in a big international Poetry festival . Poetry works published in various journals exudes with  a lot of zeal  and  passion for developing poetry in Zimbabwe . Travelling for an Indian festival in this month of December.

Edward DzonzeEdward Nzonze- High rising poet will to participate in unique programs of creativity and arts . Exudes with detail, intellect and  verbose   very proud of his art . A regular artist/poet at House of Hunger Poetry Slam and Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights events.

Dapi - Humorous, well thought , thought provoking dramatist  , writer , poet , lecturer and presenter. He is the Poet of hope , very popular of highly recommended vocci and syntax. His rhyme, assonance and rhythm is strong. The Poet exhibit a lot of maturity, creative touch  He is the Director of Shagada Productions  and featured on  a number of Television Soapies and Production. He will be presenting  on the Festival as host.

Dereck MpofuDereck Mpofu - Singer extraordinaire, artist par excellence, patriot. Well known for his powerful, educative song CHISIKANA  CHANGU ZIMBABWE. Good will Ambassador for environment. The Green Ambassador. Well Known for his hypnotic creativity  and artistic excellence.
We have a strong belief and Zeal to see more people taking  part in this program Speaking out Women Resilience through Poetry.
Written  and compiled by  Mbizo Chirasha
Curating Consultant- Speaking out Women Resilience through poetry
call + 263 734  332 309

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A voices fiesta for Girl Child Creativity @ 1st Floor Gallery

byKundai Marunya
Girl right advocate organization Girl Child Creativity (GCC) last night closed its week-long mentor ship program with their Voices Fiesta at the First Floor Gallery. More than 30 people, including school children, educators, artists and art lovers, attended the event.
Students from Vainona High, Budiriro 3 Primary and Vista Vision College showcased their talents along the theme of promoting the rights of girl children.
Students from Vista Vision College staged a mini theatre play, outlining how issues that affect women are often handled by men who do not understand them.
Their performance, which was filled with humor, managed to bring the audience’s attention to things that are often overlooked.
Budiriro primary school students brought to the table what they had learnt from legendary writer Aaron Chiunduramoyo. Their presentation of poetry and short stories in both English and Shona caused celebrated writer and journalist Tinashe Muchuri to break out in applause from the audience.
Muchuri said: “These children have showcased great talent especially the young girl who read to us a Shona short story. She was so good in using similes, imagery and metaphors that I will rest assured our language is in good hands.”
From Vainona High came students who recited poetry that tackled the decline in education standards at their own school, largely due to an unappreciated staff and naughty students.
The students, who had earlier in the week received mentoring from popular poet and human rights activist Robson ‘Shoez’ Lambada and celebrated photographer Kresiah Mkwazhi, really got the audience excited.
Vainona High student Rutendo Masunda, who was among the performers, said: “We had a great time during the mentorship program. We learnt a lot, including how to express ourselves using different mediums of art.”
Founded in 2011, GCC is aimed at mitigating the under-representation of young female artists and young girls in areas of creativity, creative writing, performance arts, readership and literacy cultural development.
GCC director Mbizo Chirasha said: “We have not made our programming as big as we would have wanted due to limited resources but we hope to grow as we continue to work with the girl child.”

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

DAY 3- Public Press Update with Zanele Mutema and Mbizo Chirasha

GirlchildVoices Fiesta100tpc 2013 season.

Our program began at 1130   am at the First Floor gallery  facilitated by  Zimbabwean Poet and Coordinator Mbizo Chirasha and Zanele Mutema taking the Vision College Students and other participants through   a journey of  visual arts  creations . She have done a lot exhibitions in Harare   and outside Harare. She is into mixed media. Students got much inspiration from her exhibition that is currently running at the First Floor Gallery. She answered a lot of burning questions from eager students . Questions on art and community development, Questions on art and sustainability, Questions on art and survival.

Then Mbizo  Chirasha gave a participatory intervention  on how to grow ideas into works of arts. He touched   on the development of   literary arts and literacy in Zimbabwe. Aspects of creative writing . One interesting part   was when he projected issues on how arts or literature   is positively related to societal change, community transformation. Writers expose social rot   and political decay of their nations.

The poet also delved into issues that have to do   with the use of literature and creative writing and arts genres to uphold the essence of social equity and gender balance.

The poet read and performed some of his poems from his books and journals  around the world. The poems he read include Dear Commissar, Identity Apples, Road to Damascus, Africa My Wonderland , Dimples of Freedom and others.
The session ended with participants writing up their samples in writers practical sessions dubbed the Creative Writing Skills Lab.

Thank  to Tariro Chingozho and Marcia Bangure   of the First Floor Gallery  for the technical logistics
Kudzai Mutiti for assisting in Coordinating and planning the skills  seminars with students. Facilitators   ,schools and teachers who  moved  with us along this arduous journey together  we pull through.
The American Embassy Public Affairs Section for facilitating the small grant for Girl child Voices Fiesta-100tpc 2013 season.
We all meet again Tuesday to finalize our cause.
Mbizo Chirasha
Fiesta Coordinator